Endurance Against MOMO Attack


Infosec Foundation is a nonprofit platform dedicated to cyber security and working on a collaborative framework to blend users, manufacturer, police, government, providers, policy makers and other respective stakeholders. In our Citizen awareness drives, we did release many advisories like Ransomware, Blue Whale Game, ATM Cloning/Skimming etc.

In the same line, we thought of releasing a public advisory for general awareness to prevent further threats for the MOMO Game Panic. Abir Atarthy was instrumental in drafting the same along with InfoSec Foundation Research team.

  • Don’t Talk or chat with strangers on WhatsApp or Facebook and do not save such number in your contact list.
  • Give your WhatsApp number only the people you know.
  • Make changes to your WhatsApp Privacy settings so that the persons who are in your contact list can see your photo.
  • If you receive any MOMO Images block that number instantly and report to cyber cell/police.
  • Talk to your children educate them about the consequences of this game.
  • Monitor the behavioral and, physiological change in your child. If you see anything strange, then talk to him.
  • Always look for what is your child watching on Internet. If anything not good stop them.
  • Avoid accepting any ‘invitation to play’ from an unknown number in social media
  • Think twice before clicking any unknown link.
  • Do not share any confidential information (like PAN, Aadhaar etc.) over whatsapp chat to anyone.
  • Ensure a good endpoint protection (anti-virus) is installed in your Smartphones.
  • Assure him or her that “Momo” doesn’t exist, and that it’s okay to refuse instructions or go against peer pressure. If your child is too scared, say that you’ll stand by their side no matter what happens.
  • Open up a healthy discussion with questions like “Have you ever been scared by someone recently?”
  • Stop Auto download of Images and Videos in WhatsApp.
  • Avoid installing low reputation apps.
  • Do not save user name/password, important information (debit/credit card numbers, cvv etc.) in Smartphones.
  • Post installation of any app disable all irrelevant access (like address book, SMS, camera).
  • Please ensure sanitization of your device before throwing out or selling your used phone.
  • Set clear rules at home for using the smartphone, such as a no-phone schedule (during meals, before bedtime) and limiting when your children have access to phones. If your younger kids use WhatsApp, make sure it’s only on the phone you or your partner uses.
  • Be a good role model by limiting your own smartphone use, especially when your children are around.