How a child cracked a password which none could ?


King Gobuchandra in the kingdom of Hulla decided to keep all state secrets in a computer. The computer was protected by a password. The smiling and handsome French designer said : "My dear king, I have made an arrangement that only a child, a special child can only crack. It is impossible for adults."

A demonstration was organized in the Palace with top officials present. The environment was very solemn. The Frenchman started the computer. After making a strange sound like "Hing-Ting-Chot", the computer said, "Do you have the password? " and a box below

All the Ministers and cyber experts from Banga-Anga-Kalinga-Vidrbha- Gandhar-Utkal-Pundra-Chola-Himachal-Rajputana-Malabar-Andra-chola-chaluyka and other kingdom went, typed YES and proceeded to crack. Nothing worked. The king was impressed.

The Frenchman then said, smilingly, shall I then call a child. But no child was found anywhere. Then the king suddenly remembered that his Minister of Public Leisure, Abakashpati Bhatta always took his younger boy in meetings. Mr. Abakashpati was called and he brought his child from the ante-chamber and he came and sat in from of the computer.

The computer opened and asked : "Do you have the password ?"

The boy typed : NO

The computer gave a sound :"chamatkar"

Then another question : "Why did you write NO ?"

The boy answered : "Because I don't have any password."

The computer blinked couple of times and opened.

"Truth is the greatest encryption."

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