Infosec and Kolkata – the Heritage and History


Kolkata is Infosec's home city.

The seminal seed of Infosec can be traced back to the ground zero experience of few entrepreneurs of Bengal working in the local environment and in diverse fields. These entrepreneurs were mostly first generation entrepreneurs, none of them having the privilege of inheriting an established business. Most of the founding parents of Infosec did have considerable corporate experience before the entrepreneur-bug bit them - fatally.

The fortune of city of Kolkata (erstwhile Calcutta) had profound changes in last one hundred years. Hundred years back, the city was beacon of light – a city of joy but in one hundred years, providence has not been kind to the city. However, the spirit of Kolkata is something that endures – a spirit that defies Providence itself.

Infosec is a true grass-root movement, rather a practitioner’s movement, connecting ever expanding circles – both in the geography and in the domain of ideas.

The city – our city, Infosec’s home city has witnessed some of the greatest movements of the past. It is a miracle that in spite of all the cynicism and self-deprecation, the city is alive and kicking.

Infosec in its scope and mission continues the legacy of the city of Kolkata – a legacy that is sometimes forgotten, sometimes untold but a legacy nevertheless.

Infosec owes to the city and its citizens for one of the simplest of reasons – it was conceived here, the epicenter is here and now.