"The Godfather's" message to Information security


"The Godfather" trilogy, if not all the three but the first two – I and II are not only great movies but these works of fiction / art are part of our "cultural conversations".

Great Art, without exception, foresees the future, sometimes without any formal intention. This is one of the great mysteries of Art and there is no "algorithmic" way to predict it or communicate in a way Art does.

In one memorable scene, in the dark and deceptive world of The Godfather, Don Vito Coreleone, the patricarch tells the heir-designate Michael Corelone ( played by Al Pacino – one of the greatest actors and act of this century, " Keep you enemies close, your friends closer."

Translated in the domain of Infosec : the most-serious threat is not from outside, but lies inside. Be aware of it.

Let's have more wisdom during the summit day after tomorrow.